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SNEKKE, 24' Traditional Norwegian Picnic Boat

Snekke on bank B&W
Length: 24'
Beam: 8.5'
Draft: 2' 3" max
Displacement: 2400 lb.
Hull: Wood, lapstrake
Engine: 22hp SAAB diesel
Snekke Lines b&w.

This vessel was designed for Traditional Boatworks using traditional wood construction. The design follows very closely, a common type still found in Norway, known as a “Snekke”. Historically, these boats have been depended on as sturdy and reliable fishing boats, used for centuries to ply the waters of the Norwegian and North Seas.

In this evolution of the design, the type has been re-imagined as a picnic boat and coastal cruising “weekender”. The berths forward and the canvas dodger and associated cockpit “tent” make this an ideal camp-cruiser for gunkholing.

The sweet lines of this double ender give the boat a direct connection to its past heritage even at a standstill, but the 22hp Saab two-cylinder engine specified for this design really gives the Snekke its old-world feel underway. Though the boat can be delivered with a more conventional modern engine, the slow turning throb of the Saab adds immensely to character of the design.

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