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GUNBOAT, 55' Catamaran

Gunboat 5505 Office w cab doors
Architect: Nigel Irens
Interior Design: Nauta Yachts
Aft Cabin Interior Design: Estabrook Yacht Design
Builder: Gunboat

In 2013 EYD was approached by Tremont Wood Specialties for aide with a project they had just taken on for Gunboat. Tremont was contracted to build the interior cabinetry for a Gunboat 55, the fifth of the series.

EYD would not only create the construction drawings for all of the interior joinerwork but, as these boats are semi-custom, would be tasked with designing an office/laundry space where, in previous boats, there had been an aft cabin.

The Gunboat 55 is an all carbon fiber, high performance cruising catamaran, and as such, required an interior designed and engineered to be light weight yet luxurious and well appointed.

We were able to achieve weight goals through the generous use of foam-cored panels and advanced construction techniques.

Deliverables to Tremont included the complete set of furniture construction CAD drawings as well as isometric views used as assembly reference and describing installation procedure and sequence. To accommodate the latter, the entire interior was modeled in three dimensions in Rhino.

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