An Interior for Dynamo

Lately I’ve been putting some time in on creating a rendering for the interior of Dynamo, my design for a 58ft Yawl.

In terms of exterior styling, the boat itself is classically styled with many nods to 1950s era automotive detailing. The other overriding ethos I had in mind in the creation of this design was one of ecological sensibility and sustainability. Materials and functionality were chosen with the intent of reducing as, much as possible, the yacht’s carbon footprint. Hence the aluminum construction and regenerative power.

For more on Dynamo’s styling and naval architecture, click here.

To my way of thinking, the interior design should always coordinate and mesh with the exterior styling. This holds true not only for Dynamo but any yacht design. I find that far too often in modern yacht design, this continuity of design between exterior and interior is completely lacking. Many of the designs you run across in the glossy magazines today exhibit a schizophrenia between the exterior and interior motifs.

With this in mind, I have developed an interior design brief for Dynamo which draws heavily on sustainable and recyclable materials. I’m envisioning cork tile on the sole, leather upholstery, and polished aluminum highlights.

The overall motif will also play off of the 1950s aspect of the exterior styling by referencing the detailing of a mid-century diner. I wanted to create a subdued version of the traditional 1950s diner, minus the garish color scheme.




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