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SCAMP, 18' Runabout

EYD Scamp Render 2
EYD Scamp Render
Length: 18.7'
Beam: 7.23'
Draft: 2' max
Displacement: 2400 lb.
Hull: E-glass and vinyl
Engine: 150 HP outboard
Scamp outboard profile b&w

From an aesthetic standpoint, I'd like to back away from the futuristic look seen in most modern runabouts on the market today. I hope that the look and feel of Scamp will harken back to the golden years of wooden runabouts and the mid 50s.

It was during this period of frenetic advancement in boat design that certain aesthetically pleasing design flourishes were discarded in the interest of simpler production methods. Case in point: the tumblehome stern which fell victim to the fiberglass revolution because it proved to be impossible to create in a one piece female hull mold.

Here, with Scamp, I am trying to reestablish value in those details which are only there because they are pleasing to the eye. The offshoot of this is, for one thing, a two part mold, but I believe that the savvy consumer will figure into the cost-benefit formula, the quiet thrill one gets from standing out in a crowd.

The configuration shown in the accompanying drawings and renderings is meant to be one possible configuration of this model. I have created a sound and carefully designed hull form which will serve as a foundation for the design, but the configuration on deck can be less rigid.

The client would have any number of options in deck hardware, styling details and perhaps eventually even different cockpit arrangements. In addition its current configuration readily involves the customer with a variety of choices: with or without tailfins, with or without a water ski pylon, with or without the anchor locker, etc…

These choices are meant to give the customer the sense that they are more closely involved in the design process, and to foster enthusiasm in the design.

The arrangement I’ve settled on for this initial iteration puts emphasis on an open arrangement. Scamp carries quite a bit of volume for its length; the cockpit is meant to feel roomy.

Practical for activities such as water skiing or fishing, but also, to avoid the sense of being confined to your chair. The helm chairs are intended to swivel to face the table, for those times at anchor or dockside at the boat show, when you might want a more social arrangement.

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