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As a graduate of the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology I am fully qualified as a small craft Naval Architect and Marine Designer.

I have a well balanced experiential background gathered over the years of working with many of the preeminent shipyards and builders in the U.S. and internationally.

My first hand experience working on projects built in wood, metal and composite means that I am uniquely qualified to design and engineer your dream yacht in the material which is best suited for you, based on safety, practicality and efficiency


From an aesthetic standpoint, I'd like to back away from the futuristic look seen in most modern runabouts on the market today. I hope that the look and feel of Scamp will harken back to the golden years of wooden runabouts and the mid 50s.


EYD Scamp Render 2 EYD Scamp Render


With Dynamo, I wanted to design a traditional looking cruiser/racer with an updated underbody which might compete in the “Spirit of Tradition” classes which were becoming more popular.


LSN 38 Part II Rev Image 2 LSN 38 Part II Rev Image 1


This vessel was designed for Traditional Boatworks using traditional wood construction. The design follows very closely, a common type still found in Norway, known as a “Snekke”. Historically, these boats have been depended on as sturdy and reliable fishing boats, used for centuries to ply the waters of the Norwegian and North Seas.


Snekke on bank B&W


A picture is worth a thousand words. Conceptualizing an interior is no mean feat. The first step in any design process is the articulation of an idea.



Sycara motoryacht built by Burger 143Sycara motoryacht built by Burger 143Sycara motoryacht built by Burger 143

"In my capacity as Chief Designer for Bruce King Yacht Design during the building of the 154' sailing yacht Scheherazade at Hodgdon Yachts Inc., I had the frequent occasion to work closely with Tim, who was heading up Hodgdon's interior design effort.

His daunting task involved enlarging on the interior design concept drawings from Andrew Winch Designs, interpreting their intent while incorporating the needs of systems and structure, in concert with many other designers and engineers (including my colleagues and myself at Bruce King's), as well as the Hodgdon Yachts construction crew and numerous suppliers and subcontractors.

Throughout this four-year-long process, I was continually impressed by Tim's unfailing competence and professionalism.

His every question or suggestion was thoughtful and to the point, and my every concern was addressed with intelligence and a constructive spirit of cooperation that got the job done and done extremely well; backed up by clear, detailed and accurate CAD drawings.

The success of the Scheherazade project was due in no small part to Tim's strong design abilities and plain hard work."

—Christopher Franklin, Bruce King Design Associates