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Serendipity x2
Yacht tender-Lines
Length: 14’4”
Beam: 4’8”
Draft: 4”
Hull: Plywood or
solid wood plank-on-frame
Optional outboard or sail.

Serendipity is a highly adaptable small, dory skiff design which I am developing for the home builder. Available this fall, it will be fully customizeable to accomodate a novice woodworker using pre-cut plywood componants to an experienced craftsman wanting just the plans to tackle timber to finished form. It can be rigged for sail and rowing, or fitted with an small 5hp gas or electric outboard for getting around. Suitable for inshore or lake pursuits, and would make a very stylish tender for larger yachts.

In addition to the plans and kits, I will be offering optional, individualized support packages so that should you need to ask questions or even require hands-on lessons in your shop, I will be available to help throughout your build process.

Contact me if you would like to be notified of this and other kits as they become available.