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CAKEWALK, 281' Motor Yacht

Architect: Azure Naval Architects
Exterior Stylist: Tim Heywood
Interior Design: Dalton Design Inc.
Builder: Derecktor Shipyards

Estabrook Yacht Design was hired by Derecktor Shipyards, during the latter half of the Cakewalk build.

My duties there included the careful review of construction and installation drawings from the variety of sub contractors charged with the fit-out of Cakewalk’s interior and exterior living spaces.

I would check the shop drawings submitted for build approval to Derecktor Shipyards, for quality of construction and vet the installation concept and procedure. I would then supervise or be available for consult during the installation.

I was also sometimes tasked with a solving integration issues between trades or aiding the in-house Design Department in preventing things from falling through the cracks.

A couple interesting design issues I got to wrestle with were the design of a hinged stone shower pan, and the Tim Heywood described teak clad lightpost/structural stanchion/HVAC plenum on the back decks.

I had opportunity to work with the likes of Tim Heywood and Liz Dalton and with a cadre of skilled Designers, Engineers and Craftspeople working for companies like Merritt Vedder, Zepsa, Segner Yacht Interiors, Tremont Wood Specialties, Persak & Wurmfeld, Mylk Light & Engineering and Donald Ansley at Ansley Desing Fab, just to name a few.

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